Sinem Dişli

Sinem Dişli was born in 1982 in Urfa, Turkey. She earned her B.F.A. degree in “Sculpture” at Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir and her M.F.A degree in “Photography” at Marmara University, Istanbul. Between 2005 and 2008, she worked as an assistant curator at the photography department of Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. In 2008, she was awarded a scholarship to attend School of Visual Arts in New York, and also participated in visual arts programs at ICP and The Cooper Union. She was invited for residencies at Triangle Arts Association and ISCP in 2015 and Marble House Project in 2020. In addition to six solo exhibitions the artist had so far, her work was also shown internationally in numerous group exhibitions such as “A Pillar of Smoke”  (The Rencontres d’Arles, 2018), “You Are What You Eat” (Krakow Photo Month, 2019). She was featured as one of the “7 Promising Photographers to Watch at At Arles Festival” by The New York Times in 2018, and was nominated for The Prix Pictet Award in 2019.

Her last work, ‘Hollows and Mounds: A Take on Göbeklitepe’, is exhibited at the Ara Güler Museum and Leica Gallery Istanbul.



2004 – 2007 Master of Fine Arts, Marmara University Photography Department, Istanbul, Turkey The Use of Photography in the Art Movements of the 20th Century and Photography’s Relationship with the Concept of Avant-Garde, MFA Thesis
2000 – 2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey


2011 Developing a Personal Project, Corinne Botz, Cooper Union, New York
2010 Regarding Intimacy, Saul Robbins, International Center of Photography, New York
2009 Art and Photography, Anne Gorrissen, International Center, New York
2005 Photographing of Silahtaraga Power Plant and its Concept of Visualization, Orhan Cem Cetin, Bilgi University, Istanbul
2005 Creativity, Expression and Getting to Know Oneself in Photography, Orhan Cem Cetin, Aksanat, Istanbul
2005 Choreography as a Strategic Problem in Contemporary Performance Arts, Safak Uysal, Aksanat, Istanbul
2004 Thoughts on Photography and Sociology, Gamze Toksoy, Aksanat, Istanbul


2020 Marble House Project Artist Residency Program, Dorset, Vermont
2016 Open Spine (Artist Book Making), Nico Baumgarten & Michela Polermo, Mimar Sinan Istanbul
2015 Triangle Arts Association Residency Program, New York
2015 Intiba, FUAM Photography Book Dummy Award Selection, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul
2014 Intiba, Unseen Book Dummy Award Selection, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
2008 Summer Residency Program, School of Visual Arts, New York
2004 Young Talents in Turkish Photography, Geniş Açi Photography Magazine, Turkey
2004 Turgut Pura Sculpture Award, 1st Place, Izmir
2003 Originality in Printmaking Award, 1st Place, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir Resume


2019 ‘Hollows and Mounds: A Take on Göbeklitepe’, which compromises photographs, videos, paintings and installations are exhibited simultaneously at the Ara Güler Museum and Leica Gallery Istanbul between September 15th-February 15th
2017 RUTUBET, Photography and mixed media, TOZ artist run space, Istanbul
2015 Cereyan (Currents), Photography and mixed media exhibition, Empire Project Gallery, Istanbul
2013 Anamnesis, Photography installation, AyzART independent art space, New York
2011 Intiba (First Impression), Photography exhibition, Han38, Istanbul
2007 Özdirenç (Resistance), Photography installation, Yakin Kitabevi Gallery, Izmir
2004 Anxiety, Photography exhibition, İletisim Kitabevi Gallery, Izmir


2021 “Tempo Incognito: On Flows, Rhytm and Movement”, Depo Istanbul, Istanbul
2020 “Crystal Clear”, Pera Museum, Istanbul
2020 “Scale/Ölçek”, Versus Art Project, Istanbul
2020 “Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust”, Depo Istanbul, Istanbul
2019 “Faust” Protect Me from What I Want, Tüyap Fair, Istanbul
2019 You Are What You Eat, Kraków Photo Month, Poland
2018 A Pillar of Smoke, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France
2018 Distant Points of Interest [within close range], Large Meadow, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul
2018 Intiba (First-impression), Selanik Fotoğraf Festivali, Selanik, Greece
2018 Monomyth / Monomit, Galeri Nev, Istanbul
2018 Printed ‘18, Mixer, Istanbul
2018 Becoming: Cure as Care / Olagen, Daire Sanat, Istanbul
2018 Intiba (First-impression), İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi Sergi Salonu, İzmir
2018 Havza / Watershed, The Circle Space, Istanbul
2018 Intiba (First-impression), Accademia Belle Arti di Macerata, Macerata, Italy
2018 Intiba (First-impression), Belgrade Photography Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2018 The Animal Side / Hayvanların tarafı, Mixer, Istanbul
2017 Intiba (First-impression), Gazebook-Sicily Photobook Festival, Palermo, Italy
2017 Intiba (First-impression), Plovdiv Photography Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2017 Intiba (First-impression), İstanbul Photobook Festival, Istanbul
2017 Intiba (First-impression), Polycopies Photobook Fuam, Paris, France
2016 Intiba (First-impression) Bursa PhotoFest, International Bursa Photo Festival
2016 Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses, Toplayıcılar Versus Art Project, Istanbul
2016 Intiba (First-impression) Fotoistanbul, Beşiktaş Photography Festival, Istanbul
2016 Intiba (First-impression) Cosmos Books, Arles Photography Festival, Arles, France
2016 Intiba (First-impression)İstanbul Photobook Festival, Istanbul
2016 Trans Form Fault, Cereyan, aff Galerie, Berlin
2016 A-R-A-L-I-K, Torna (project space for contemporary art), Istanbul
2013 Moiré’s of Transformation, FotoIstanbul International Photo Festival, Istanbul
2013 Imprint – First Impression, SemihaEs International Photo Symposium, Istanbul
2013 Voyage, UNSEEN Photography Art Fair, Amsterdam
2012 Imprint – First Impression, UNSEEN Photography Art Fair, Amsterdam
2012 Global Positioning System (So You Say You Want a Revolution), School of Visual Arts, New York
2010 Tahattur (Yeniden Hatırlama) (Anamnesis), Vienna Art Fair, Vienna
2010 Tahattur (Yeniden Hatırlama) (Anamnesis), x-ist Gallery, Istanbul
2010 x-plore Vol I, x-ist Gallery, Istanbul
2008 Residency Exhibition, SVA Studios, School of Visual Arts, New York
2004 Young Talents in Turkish Photography v.02, Istanbul Photography Center, Istanbul
2004 Young Talents in Turkish Photography, Izmir K2 Art Gallery, Istanbul


2019 “Hollows and Mounds: A Take on Göbeklitepe”, Artist Book, Ara Güler Museum Publishing House
2017 “Rutubet”, Artist Book, Self-published
2016 “Aralık”, Artist Book, Collective Publication
2016 “Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses / Toplayıcılar”, Exhibition Book, Versus Art Project
2013 “İntiba”, Artist Book, Self-published
2013 “Anamnesis / Tahattur”, Exhibition Catalog, X-ist
2011 “Intiba / First Impression”, Exhibition Catalog, X-ist


2018 “Nedir Gene Deli Gönlünü Çelen, Sappho ”, Book Cover Photo, Can Publishing House
2018 “Arles 2018 : Les rencontres de la photographie”, Festival Catalog, Actes Dus Editions
2016 “Modern and Contemporary Approaches to Photography in Turkey”, History Book, Yem Publishing House
2004 “Young Talents in Turkish Photography”, Geniş Açi Photography Magazine


2008 “Quiet Resistance – Pictorialism in Russian Photography”, Alexander Rodchenko, Sergei Lobovikov, Alexander Grinberg, Yuri Yeremin, Aleksei Mazurin…, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2008 “Brid6e / Photographers in Galata”, Ahmet Elhan, Murat Germen, Cemal Emden, Orhan Cem Çetin, Merih Akoğul, Ömer Orhun, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2007 “Double of Life”, André Kertész, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2007 “Sixty Years of Magnum”,with Diana Dufour, Robert Capa, David Seymour, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Werner Bischof, Erich Lessing, Elliot Erwitt, Eve Arnold, Burt Glinn, Ian Berry, Marc Riboud, Rene Burri, Joseph Koudelka, Eli Reed, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2007 “Who are you?”, Ahmet Polat, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2007 “I Love Boras, photographs by Lars Tunbjörk”, Lars Tunbjörk, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2006 “In the Light of the Republic – The Photographs of Othmar Pferschy”, Othmar Pferschy, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2006 “Right Place, Right Time”, Gökşin Sipahioğlu, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2006 “True Stories”, François-Marie Banier, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art


2020 “Taşların Uğultusu: Oyuklar ve Höyükler, Göbekli Tepe’ye Bir Bakış”, Hüseyin Gökçe, Sanatatak
2019 “İstanbul 2019”, Deniz Gül, Unlimitedrag
2018 “Les Rencontres D’arles: A Pillar Of Smoke. A Look At Turkey’s Contemporary Scene”, Exhibist Magazine
2018 “On Sinem Dişli’s Works”, Interview, Orta Format #25
2018 “At Arles Festival, 7 Promising Photographers to Watch”, The New York Times
2017 “Rutubet”, Rana Öztürk, İstanbul Art News
2016 “Hope Hydrated, A Journey Through Liquid Landscapes”, Anna Zizlsperger, Exhibist Magazine
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2014 “Foto İstanbul 2014”, The Eye of Photography
2014 “Ayzart, tadına doyulmaz bir kamusal sanat alanı”, ArtFullLiving
2011 “İntiba”, Interview, Fotoritim e-magazine


2014- PRESENT Freelance Artist
2012 – 2014 Artist Curator, AyzART independent and non-profit art space, New York
2010 – 2011 Assistant, Freight + Volume Art Gallery, New York
2005 – 2008 Assistant Curator, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul


2019 “Hollows & Mounds Exhibition Talk”, with Ahmet Ersoy, İpek Ulusoy Akgül, Ara Güler Museum, Istanbul
2019 “Hollows & Mounds Book Talk”, with Yasemin Elçi, Laurence Cornet, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris
2018 “Artist Talk”, Galata Fotoğrafhanesi, Istanbul
2018 “Watershed Panel”, with David Turnbull, İstanbul Technical University, Istanbul
2017 “Sen ve Ben”, Artist Talk, 5533, Istanbul
2017 “Rutubet Exhibition Talk”, with Merve Ünsal, TOZ / Artist Run Space, Istanbul
2016 “Artist Talk”, 8. Fotoğraf Buluşmaları, İstanbul Technical University, Istanbul
2015 “Cereyan Exhibition Talk”, The Empire Project, İstanbul


John Quinn, Dani Grünberg, İnge Helland, Pieter Sanders, Ömer Koç Collections


2017 – PRESENT HER HÂL Collective, Co-Founder İstanbul
2016 – 2017 TOZ Artist Run Space, Co-Founder, Istanbul
2013 – 2015 AyzART independent and non-profit art space, Artist Curator, New York


2018 Repetition ∞ Cycle A Series of Talks and Performances II,
SALT Galata, Istanbul (with Rana Öztürk)

“Civilization and Energy Cycle”, Samed Akman, Cem Orhan, Lecture
“Feedbacks, Cycles and Dinosaurs”, Serkan Kaptan, Serkan Sökmen, Lecture
“Genes Controlling Time”, Bikem Akten, Lecture
“Rhythmanalysis: Window, Street, Courtyard”, Ezgi Tuncer, Lecture Performance
“The Same One Once Again”, Ali Kazma, Lecture
“And But”, Dadans, Dance / Performance
“Tidal Thoughts in Tidal Spaces ‘’, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Rita Ender, Lecture Performance
“Automate: Who gave you the permission to walk around with wet swimsuits?”, İclâl Atasoy, Pınar Derin Gençer, Esen Kunt, Nil Sakman, Performance
“Eternal Return” & “Difference and Repetition’s Dialogue with Western History of Philosophy”, Ali Akay, Emre Koyuncu, Burcu Yalım, Talk
“Rhythmic Forms of Cyclic Time”, Ömer Orhun, Lecture Performance
“Until Finding the Source of the Stream”, Zeynep Kayan, Özgür Atlagan, Performance

2017 Repetition ∞ Cycle A Series of Talks and Performances,
SALT Galata, Istanbul

“Cinematic Form of Repetition”, Hakan Babacan, Lecture Performance
“The Fastest Spinning Stars”, Ali Alpar, Lecture Performance
“Landslide”, Ali Miharbi, Yağız Özgen, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Sergen Şehitoğlu, Lecture Performance
“To Repeat Oneself”, Cevdet Erek, Lecture Performance
“Transcending the Senses”, Dila Yumurtacı, Performance
“Autoportrait, Other Portraits and Things”, Özden Demir, Performance
“Repetition, Accident and Recording”, Ahmet Doğu İpek, Lecture Performance
“My Mother’s Room is a Womb”, Nil Sakman, İclal Atasoy,Performance
“Repetition, Malfunction, and New Possibilities: Samuel Beckett ve Sevim Burak”, Ahmet Ergenç, Nil Sakman, Lecture Performance
“But the City is the Same City”, Sevinç Çalhanoğlu, Ilgıt Uçum, Performance
“Hum”, Ege Kanar, Arda Ertem, Audio Performance


2017 Two Writers, A Square, Özgür Kılınçarslan, Lecture Performance
2017 Ich bin ein Berliner, Artists: Yaşam Şaşmazer, Mehtap Baydu, Fatih Kurçeren ve Hazal Kara, Curators: Elvan Ekren, Özgül Kılınçarslan, Photography Exhibition
2017 Without a Story, Elçin Acun, Photography and Video Installation
2016 Aralık #2, Photobook Launch and Exhibiton
2016 A Close Up Of A Person Holding A Pair Of Scissors, Osman Koç, Mixed Media Installation
2016 The Metromorphic Varieties, Julie Upmeyer, Mixed Media Installation
2016 Dirty, Artists: Anthony Hüseyin Pharoah, Berkay Yahya, Nur Gürel, Özlem Şimşek, Sevinj Yusifova, Seyhan Musa, Sinan Tuncay, Mixed Media Installation
2016 Are all horrors dulled by routine?, Merve Ünsal, Lecture
2016 Why Are You Here?, Artists: Emanuele Satolli, Merve Ünsal, Valentino Bellini, Eileen Quinn, Photography and Video Exhibition


2015 En Donde Los Dos Nos Encontremos, Valentina Medda, Mixed Media Installation
2015 Echoics, Ryan Vahey, Mixed Media Installation
2015 The Space of All Functions By a Romantic Anarchist, Seyhan Musa, Performance
2015 Table For Two, Shani Ha, Site-Specific Interactive Installation
2015 Space Within Volume, Ayça Köseoğulları, Installation
2015 Urban Characters, Fanny Allie, Mixed Media Installation
2014 Helix, Donna Troy Cleary, Mixed Media Installation
2014 Noir Age, Richard Vergez, Mixed Media Installation
2014 Ten-Ku-Chi (Earth to Sky), Sophia Chizuco
2014 Module / Pulse, Ata Kam, Photography Installation
2014 Potemkin Towers and the Eternal Recurrence, Pablo Power, Mixed Media Installation
2014 Excited Particles, Paul Rothman, Installation
2014 The Third Landscape, Etty Yaniv, Installation
2014 The Shape of Time, Alexander G. Lyle IV, Performance Art and Installation
2013 City Illusions, Sadi Tekin, Illustrations and Drawings
2013 Four Seasons, Alex Harsley, Photography Installation
2013 Missing, Katherine Mulert ,Photography Installation2013 Captured 1997-2003, Mustafa Önder, Photography Installation