Merve Morkoç

Merve Morkoç (b. 1986, Turkey) who continues to work from Istanbul, Turkey graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Graphic Design. Having participated in various group exhibitions, the artist’s solo exhibitions consist of (2021) “Evet Canlı Hayır Değil” – UP Art Project, (2014) “2+1” – Galerist, (2011) Prone – Galerist, (2010) “Netame Hanım ve Kumpanyası” – Milk Gallery ve (2010) “1335” – The Hall.


Merve Morkoç, in her interdisciplinary work which underlines experimentality and brings together various mediums from painting, and video, to performance and installation; interprets the modern world’s consumption culture, the products of mass media with colourful images and collages through surrealist conception in which dream and reality, consciousness and unconsciousness are integrated. Genders, bodies and images abstracted from their identities and functions determined by society are consciously deformed and inserted into another reality with intentions to reach the undefined, free and living self which bends and twists. Merve Morkoç opposes the domination of the body and sexual identity with surrealist expressions and pop art references. The artist questions, through different mediums and materials, the definitions that have become dogma and unite them with a colourful freedom in her unique language.



Graphic Design, Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Istanbul



2010 1335, The Hall, Istanbul / Turkey
2010 Netame Hanım ve Kumpanyası, Milk Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey
2011 Prone, Galerist Galatasaray, Istanbul / Turkey
2014 2+1, Galerist Tepebasi, Istanbul / Turkey
2021 Evet Canlı Hayır Değil – Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı, Istanbul / Turkey



2007 Levi’s New from the Original, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul / Turkey
2008 Sinek+Taaruz Resfest Illustration Exhibition, Doğuş Otomotion, Istanbul
2008 Karalama II. Sergi, Uçuş Korkusu, Daralan, Istanbul / Turkey
2008 Cpopor2nity, Cpop
2008 Levi’s Free to Move Project, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul / Turkey
2009 Ocho Group Show – Stories,Milk Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey
2009 Morphosis / Graffiti – Streetart, Banker Han, Istanbul / Turkey
2009 Boyadılar, 720 Adrenaline Skatepark,Istanbul / Turkey
2010 3 Lokma, 6.45 Gram, Istanbul / Turkey
2010 Corridor Students’ Illustration Exhibition, Grafist, Istanbul / Turkey
2010 Local Ilustrators 2, Mtaar, Istanbul / Turkey
2010 Tahrik Raporu, 6.45 Gram, Istanbul / Turkey
2011 Destruction 2011 Story, Yıkım 2011, Istanbul / Turkey
2012 Hayvan Gibi Sergi, Milk Galeri, İstanbul / Turkey
2012 Outside- in, Alanistanbul, İstanbul / Turkey
2013 Zamanın İşaretleri, Galerist, İstanbul / Turkey
2014 Zamanın İşaretleri – 2, Adahan, İstanbul / Turkey
2016 Mastürbasyon, Mixer
2016 Delusional, Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC
2018 Kimera, Xist
2019 In Between Pilgrim, Space Debris
2019 Kadın Yazısı Festivali II Sergisi, Karşı Sanat



2011 Hong Kong Art Fair
2011 Art Basel, Basel
2014 Contemporary Istanbul
2015 Contemporary Istanbul



2010 Yahsibey ‘17
2014 Arteles Creative Residency, Finland